I’m angry!”, said The Apple, To the centre of my core!

I tumbled from the highest branch and landed on the floor.

They put me in a basket then they dumped me here with you.

I’m bumped and bruised, a bit confused and now I’m fuming too.”

* * * * *

Stop moaning”, said The Melon, You are not the only one.

I was minding my own business, sitting, dozing in the sun.

They came along and squeezed me, then they took me from my bed.

Don’t focus on the negatives, Be positive instead.”

* * * * *

“Suspicious,” said The Orange, There’s conspiracy afoot!

We’re all here for a reason, and I fear it’s nothing good.

I’ve heard the horror stories, how they like to drink my blood.

I should be planning my escape, not sitting on my butt”

* * * * *

They all looked at Banana who was drooling in his sleep.

Of all of them, he was the one who didn’t make a peep.

He was suffering from jet lag having come from far away,

And snoring was the only thing he was prepared to say.

* * * * *

We’re not worried in the slightest,” said a pair of Loved Up Pears,

As long as we’re together, we don’t really have a care.

There’s nothing like a cuddle when your worries get to you.

You really should all try it, maybe you’ll feel better too.”

* * * * *

An ancient voice said “Silence!”, and they turned toward the noise.

There, Old Man Walnut glared at them – he clearly was annoyed.

The trouble with you youngsters is, you think you know it all!

But I’ve been here since last Christmas and I’ve seen what lies in store.”

* * * * *

Then lights came on, affording them a glance around the room.

They saw a block of gleaming knives and registered their doom.

So, screaming, they were forced to watch as, one by one they met,

A gruesome, nasty, slicing, dicing, slow and painful death.

Then once again, in silence, Old Man Walnut closed his eyes,

And waited in the fruit bowl for the next batch to arrive…..

* * * * * * * * * *

Moral:  5-A-Day isn’t for everyone…

* * * * * * * * * *

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Dude Write

Jamie R Hawkins is an Award Winning Singer Songwriter whose songs have won him critical acclaim in the UK and around the world.  He has been described as “a powerful mixture of storyteller, philosopher and poet”, his lyrics as “poignant and witty’ and his performances, “emotive and captivating”.

Jamie R Hawkins can usually be found in the studio scribbling away in his dog-eared note book and both he and his acoustic are available for events.



30 thoughts on “Still Life: Fruit Bowl Blood Bath…

  1. Such a nice little bit of morbid humour ;D… Poor little fruitsies with their cute and expressive faces meeting such a violent end! But at least they had nice poetry during their final minutes… Were they buried in a pie? Can I have some? xD

    I like your versatility in writing…. Makes me wonder what’s next!

  2. I literally laughed out loud at this. That last picture was completely hysterical. I was thinking all along that this would make an excellent children’s book, until the end, of course 🙂 Awesome.

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