Capacity to Change – Jamie R Hawkins (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

My first EP review ahead of the official release on the 23rd of January…. I feel rather pleased with myself …some would say smug ^-^

Dancing About Architecture

Capacity To Change front image onlyA stalwart of the local scene as part of the duo Juiceyacoustic, it is Jamie’s solo, original work that resonate most memorably with me, evoking such classic songwriters as Squeeze’s Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook, Crowded House’s Neil Finn and Justin Currie of Del Amitri fame. There is something in the classic guitar lines and effortless melody that spring from his songs that make them so instantaneous and accessible, bonefide future classics in the making.

These five songs (plus a bonus demo) capture the natural, largely unadulterated, nature of what he does. Although there are extra guitars, percussion and strings present, they are put to sparing yet effective use, merely framing the songs and make the live experience and the studio recording largely interchangeable, something quite refreshing in this more is more modern age.

Something about the vocal delivery on opening number Denial just rings out like a long lost…

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